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Design Tips

1. The correct design and layout of your sign is critical to its effectiveness. Crowding the sign with too much text makes it impossible to read from a moving car or at a distance.

2. Customers must be able to see and read your sign easily. Don’t attempt to sell them with too much info on the sign - save that information until they’re in your business.

3. There should be a focal point located on the sign that will have impact and command attention. Ideally, the main read should incorporate branding elements like a large graphic, or your company logo.

4. Your sign advertising must have visual impact. It must make your products, services and your location easy to remember.

5. Make sure the colours that are used on your signs are contrasting. Blue on green is not readable, whereas black on white is extremely visible.

6. If you have several colours in a graphic, stay away from multi-coloured lines of text or words - they will compete with the colours in your graphic.

7. Colour is probably the easiest and most cost effective device for business identification.

8. Discuss with Surefire Signs how long you would like your signs to last and the sign application. There are many different substrates available to manufacture signs, with life spans ranging from 6 months to 25 years. We will help you choose the most suitable, cost effective sign solution.